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When a person passes away, the process of complying with the terms of the will is known as probate.

This legal process generally involves appointing an executor (typically named in the will) to manage the decedent’s estate.

Given the strategic importance of these positions, there is often a degree of urgency and/or confidentiality that accompanies this type of search.

Retained searches are given priority status in terms of the level of consulting talent assigned to conduct the search, and the time and resources that are dedicated to the project.

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Chase PTC Assets Limited provides professional and efficient management of PTC funds for clients using custom-crafted strategic approaches with high potential of successful closures.

This is not the same as its debts being discharged, as happens when an individual files for Chapter 7.

The debts still exist in theory, at least until the statute of limitations has expired, but there is no debtor to pay them, so they must be written off in practice.

The company announced job cuts in January, citing the “sluggish retail environment.” Gordman’s has stores in Wyoming, Norton Shores, Lansing and Saginaw.

A notice on the Gordman’s website says the stores are open for business as usual.


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