Makita battery pack dating

I attended Milwaukee’s new product event last week, and loved seeing all of the updates and features that were engineered into their new 2nd-generation M18 Fuel drills and 2nd-gen M18 Fuel impact driver and compact impact wrenches.

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A good DAB signal is clearer than a weak FM one and DAB offers more stations than FM.

Hammer drills are designed for more heavy-duty work than your average household tool.

Some on this list, the SDS (Slotted Drive System) drills, have a different chuck design (the mechanism that attaches the drill bit in place) and special drill bits that deliver a stronger, more accurate blow for extra heavy-duty work.

There’s no plan to phase out DAB broadcasting which will be the lion’s share of the spectrum for a long while yet.

DAB radios are more expensive than FM only but often have other features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, so you can wirelessly play music from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.


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